Fountain Fresh Dairy LLC

Thanks for stopping by! We are a small family farm in Western Ky. It is our desire to produce food that is healthy for you. Check out the market to see what we have!

Our Farm

We own a 175 acre farm in Sedalia, Kentucky, where we live and do our daily work. We are not certified organic, but we have, over the past few years, been working toward a more natural way of farming. We have not sprayed our fields with chemical herbicides or pesticides for over four years. We try to use natural remedies when possible and only use antibiotics on our animals when absolutely necessary. When used, we either meet or exceed the FDA withholding requirements.

Our Family

We are a Maryland farming family transplanted to the western tip of Kentucky in 2005. Although we love working hard to produce healthy food, our greatest desire in life is to walk in a way that is pleasing to God. We rejoice in the salvation He have given us through faith in His Son, Jesus the Messiah and have come to understand that this is not just a mental faith, but a faith that is real in every aspect of life. We therefore have a desire to care for our bodies so we can fulfill His will for us. We will be quick to say that God is sovereign and that our health ultimately comes from Him. But we also want to be wise and take advantage of what He has given us.

The Market

The market is open 24/7 and we currently have one pick-up day a week:

-Tuesday 4pm-7pm at Fountain Fresh Dairy (1149 Howard Rd. Sedalia, KY 42079)


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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or (270) 382-2866